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Do you ever wonder what’s really out there and possibly connected to you? 

I sure have and as I began to explore…I learn a few tricks. 

This is a psychic reading…but probably not like one you’ve done before. 

I hold the belief that we all are capable of connecting to the other side of the veil. In this reading we will do just that…and you’ll do it too.

Here’s how it goes:

First I will connect with your energy to know how I should make your personal meditation. Once it is complete, I will email you a link to book your reading. When that day arrives, I will play your personal guided meditation and we will do it together. It is during this time we will connect with the other side and when the meditation is over, I will relay to you everything I experienced. 

While we are meditating, I write out everything I experience and see. There is no need for you to do the same. When we are done meditating, I’ll tell you what I wrote/experienced and we will have some time to discuss how it went for you as well. 

This reading takes about an hour from start to finish. You’ll want to be in a place where you feel comfortable meditating and are preferably alone. 

When our call is over I will send my notes to you in a Google doc. I will also give hyperlinks to any symbolism that came up so you can learn more about the meaning behind things. 

Each meditation is made by connecting with your energy. The length will vary from person to person. Most are around 15-20 min long.

After the reading I will send you:

 Video recording of our session

MP3 of your personal meditation

Google Doc with links

As with all my readings, this reading is meant to assist you with your own exploration in this area and give you guidance on what rabbit holes or avenues you should explore next.

The readings are donation based, with a suggested donation of between $50-100 USD. Think of it as a sliding scale. I want anyone who wants to learn this knowledge to be able to.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a one hour Zoom call with me where we will do a personalized meditation together and then discuss what we experienced. I'll also email you my notes, the video of our chat, and the audio recording of your meditation.

1-1 Zoom Call
Written Notes
Personal Guided Meditation Recording
Video Recording of our Zoom Call
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Meditation Reading

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